Zep Inc.'s Distribution Business to Launch New Air Care Technologies at ISSA/INTERCLEAN

November 18, 2013

ATLANTA, November 18, 2013 (BUSINESS WIRE) - The Distribution business of Zep Inc., which is part of its Amrep, Inc. subsidiary, today announced its plans to launch new air care technologies at the ISSA/INTERCLEAN trade show from November 18-21 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The new Zep Inc. booth will celebrate the "Clean, Maintain, Protect" value proposition. The products and services offered through distributors are designed to help clean, maintain, and protect facilities, equipment, vehicles, and people.

Zep Inc. will be launching several new products at ISSA/INTERCLEAN:

  • TimeMist® O2 - the only active air care system to provide continuous fragrance, thanks to a patented oxygen generator, which works 24/7 to deliver a pre-set amount of fragrance throughout a room via natural air flow.
  • TimeMist® Settings and TimeMist® Micro Metered Air Care Dispensers - The only metered air care system that lets users enjoy the most popular fragrances away from home.
  • Zep Professional Advantage+ Dispenser System - a closed-loop system, available in both wall-mount and portable formats, that offers controlled chemical dispensing and reduces chemical exposure to employees.
  • Misty ASPIRE™ - a competitively priced, professional-strength aerosol line with a favorable environmental profile, <2% VOCs with enhanced performance.

"Organizations seeking to protect their investments in facilities, equipment and people have a partner with Zep Inc.," stated Steve Nichols, Group President of Zep Inc. "Our goal is to help businesses look and perform at their best while keeping their employees and the environment safe. Zep Inc.'s product efficacy allows our customers to save time and in turn, focus on retaining existing relationships and building new relationships with their customers."

About Zep Inc.

Zep Inc., with fiscal year 2013 net sales of approximately $690 million, is a leading consumable chemical packaged goods company selling a wide variety of high-performance chemicals that help professionals and prosumers clean, maintain and protect their assets. We are focused on the attractive industry dynamics of the transportation market and the industrial maintenance and repair operation ("MRO") market, which together now comprise approximately 60% of our revenue with the balance derived from sales into the facilities maintenance vertical. We market these products and services under well recognized and established brand names, such as Zep®, Zep Commercial®, Zep Professional®, Enforcer®, National Chemical™, Selig™, Misty®, Next Dimension™, Petro®, i-Chem®, TimeMist®, TimeWick™, MicrobeMax®, Country Vet®, Konk®, Original Bike Spirits®, Blue Coral®, Black Magic®, Rain-X®, Niagara National™, FC Forward Chemicals®, Rexodan®, Mykal™, and a number of private label brands. Founded in 1937, some of Zep Inc.'s brands have been in existence since 1896. Zep Inc. is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Visit our website at www.zepinc.com.

Investor Contact:

Don De Laria
VP Investor Relations & Communications
Zep Inc.

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